Thursday, October 15, 2009


I was just going back over some old blogs that I have written in the past several months, and I came across one that I wrote when a cousin of mine had been shot entitled "Where are they". In that entry, I wrote a prayer that pierced my heart once again. Sometimes in the hustle and bustle of every day life, we tend to loose site of what really is down deep in our hearts. It is neat to go back and read some of the things that we go through. At the time I wrote that particular entry, my heart was so broken, and I wanted nothing more than to do what was right in or Father's eyes. The truth is, that is indeed what is down inside me. That is what is always down inside me, but some how I always seen to forget to some degree. When I read this entry, particularly the prayer, My heart once again broke. I want to re post this prayer in hopes that it will remind you all as well. Let God do His perfect work in us all, and let the whole world see, once and for all, that Jesus truly does live. As some lyrics in a great song from the late Michael Jackson says...:If we want to make the world a better place, then take a look at yourself and make a change". Let us all take a look at ourselves, and see how bad we are, and let The One who really can change us do His will, and we will no doubt see the world around us change. Enjoy this prayer, and make it your own. I love you all.

"Instead of going to some discipleship seminar this year, how about just falling down before our father and from the depths of you heart, cry out to Him, and say God, I don’t know about the church that I attend, but I want to be fully yours. Break me oh God. Take all that I have and all that I am. Teach me to love the way you Love. Show me how to lay my life down for those who are oppressed and in bondage. Use me oh God, to open my arms out and embrace those who need to feel your touch. My life is not my own…it belongs to you my King. Open my eyes my Lord, that I may never miss someone in need, and give me the understanding to supply that need.Teach me to walk the way that you walk, and help me to teach others to do the same. Oh Father, I don’t want religion, entertainment,doctrines, or another powerless church service…I want…no,… I need your Life. You Life illuminating the very ground that I walk. That all who would look upon me would see only You.  Oh my beloved, this is my prayer….this is my plea".
God bless you all...Good night.

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