Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Little Moments of Truth

Andrew Peterson sings a song called little moments of truth. It is a song about seeing little moments of Truth (Jesus -The Truth) every day. I see little moments like that from time to time. I guess if I payed attention a little better I would see more, but you know how it gets when we get into the daily grind of things. Anyway, we live in a world today that it seems that love is something that is a rarity; it is most defiantly not the norm. It is most common to see people always out for themselves. After all, that is the gospel that this country preaches. Life is all about you, and if you want anything in life then you have to reach out and take it. This is the gospel known as secular humanism, and it is being preached in every government ran church in America…known as the public school. This doctrine has infected this country so bad, that we now live in a world that so few really care about anyone but themselves; however, despite this fact, we can still see little moments of truth, little moments of love scattered here and there. Let me share one with you now.

I work for an ambulance company, and on one particular day I was left down in a town here in Rhode Island because there was a patient that was being released from the hospital. He was an elderly man, probably in his eighties. I was about an hour and a half from home and I should had been off work an hour before I was to pick this patient up, so I was already tired from working a full day. When I picked him up I asked the nurses if I was to take him to a nursing home, and they said no, but that he was going to the home of a niece of his . I could hear the negativity in their voices when they told me this, so it was apparent that they did not agree with the set up and thought he belonged in a nursing home. I did not think much about it. After all, my job was just to take this fella home, so I prepared him for transport. As I got this man to his destination, I pulled up into his nieces driveway. The area that she lived in was a very poor area, and her home was extremely small, but pretty well kept. I did not look all through her house, but I would think that there was about three rooms, a kitchen, one bedroom, and a very small living room. The living room was well over half way taken up by a hospital bet that she had prepared for her uncle. I asked this lady why she would do such a thing. Why would she take in her uncle like this. After all, it is not like it was her father or something. She told me that he is her blood, and she loved him to much to let him go to some nursing home. I thought, man she seems to be having a hard time providing for herself not less a very sick old man. To top it all off, this women handed me a ten dollar bill as a tip for bringing him home. I told her that I could not take the money, and that this is what I do. I told her that I am already getting paid for this and that she needed to keep her money, but she insisted that I take it. She said, “as you can see we do not have much, but what we do have we give” This is what this women told me word for word. Those words still stick out in my mind very clearly. The word that hit me the most was the word “we”. We…She had no one there but herself and now her sick uncle. Her uncle is the one that made that statement a “we” statement. Wow…what this women is saying is a little moment of truth. Her uncle is not just her mother or father’s brother, he is a we. This women has not bowed down to the gospel of this world. In her world, there is not an “I” there is a we. Her uncle is bone of her bone and flesh of her flesh. His lack of good health was her lack of good health. His problems are her problems. Better yet…her love becomes his love. Wow…this is the True Gospel of Christ. There is no I in the kingdom of God. There is only a we.

Jesus poured his life out for us, and we are to poor ours out for all as well. If we are indeed in His kingdom, then there is no “I” only we. Your problems are my problems, your debt is my debt, your joy is my joy, and my love is your love. Now that does not mean to start sending me all of your monthly bills….I know what your thinking. :) I am actually thinking of sending mine to all of you…LOL.

Let us all pay real close attention to all that God would like to show us from day to day, and may we always look for those little moments of truth. God bless you all…I love you.

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